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A Beginners Guide To Making Sure Your Air Freight Package Is Properly Labeled

If you are sending a package via air freight and you want it to reach its final destination undamaged, it is vital that the package be properly labeled. Make sure that your package meets all labeling requirements and has the appropriate handling symbols.

The Container

You don't have to use new boxes for shipping via air freight; you may reuse old containers or boxes. All old shipping labels must be removed or covered up so there is no confusion about the box's destination or handling instructions. However, any container or box that you use needs to be in good shape and strong enough to withstand the shipping process.

Any boxes that are ripped, torn or falling apart are not good candidates for air freight shipping. All old shipping labels also must be removed.

The Shipping Label

Just like with regular mail, you need a shipping label that contains the name and complete address, including the zip code, of the person sending the package and of the person who is receiving the package. This information must be clearly written and easy to read.

Handling Labels

In addition to the shipping label, you also need to include handling labels on your package. Handling labels usually include picture symbols as well as text. Each handling label should be placed on all sides of your package, including the top and bottom; that way, the handling instructions are always clearly visible.


If you are shipping items that could easily break, make sure that you write "Fragile" on all sides of the box. The commonly accepted symbol for fragile is a wine glass. You should place this label in the upper corner of all sides of your box.

Top Heavy

If your package is more than a couple of feet tall, it should probably be labeled as top heavy. Your package should also be labeled as top heavy if it can easily be tipped over. The symbol for top heavy is a short horizontal line, with a long straight vertical line in the middle of the horizontal line. At the top of the horizontal line two arrows should curve and point downwards, with the word caution written at the top of the symbol and top heavy written at the bottom of the symbol. The symbol kind of looks like an upside down anchor.

Do Not Fork

Most air fright packages are transported via fork lifts. If for some reason you do not want a fork lift used to transport your package, you will need to write "Do Not Fork" on your package. The symbol for do not fork is a picture of a forklift with a square around the forklift and a line diagonally through the forklift, crossing it out.

If this is your first time shipping via air freight, it is important that you use a strong, sturdy box or container that is clearly labeled with the shipper and the receiver's full addresses. If you have any questions about the handling instructions you should include on your box, just ask the shipping company you are using for assistance. If you are looking for a shipping service, check out one like Port Aransas Business Center.

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