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Why Trains Are More Important Than Ever Before

When transporting your cargo from one location to another, especially overseas, there are multiple modes of transportation that need to be used. There are some forms of transportation that are simply better and should be used more often. As railways have improved, they have become of growing importance in intermodal trucking.

The Advantages Of Trains

A train is one of the best forms of transportation for an intermodal freight. It uses up less diesel than other forms of transportation. By using less diesel, the cost of using a train is much lower. Another benefit of using trains is that they are consistently able to have enough capacity. There is a shortage of truck drivers who may not be able to fulfill every order, but this is not a problem with trains because train companies have an easier time keeping their conductors employed.

Better Security

Trains spend more time in motion than other forms of transportation. This is an important part of security because thieves have fewer opportunities to gain access to a train. When trains have stopped, security is used to prevent burglars from getting too close to and stealing the cargo. It's often impossible for the cars to be physically opened. Also, double-stacking makes it even harder for thieves to steal cargo. Some containers are so high off the ground that it is impractical for burglars to break into them.

More Flexibility

If you're a business that has not used intermodal transportation in the past because trains were not able to reach the right destinations, you should reconsider intermodal transportation again. Railroads have invested in improving and expanding the reach of their railways in order to reach more locations. Cargo can spend more of its time on a train, making intermodal trucking even more cost-effective. The introduction of more refrigerated containers also makes it more cost-effective to transport perishable goods, which makes intermodal transportation a more viable option for companies that are involved in food and agriculture. 

Trains And Trucks Go Hand-In-Hand

While using multiple forms of transportation is the best option when moving a freight from one location to another, intermodal trucking will always be a part of the journey. Trucks can take cargo to and from different forms of transportation. Using trucks alone is not recommended because doing so can raise fuel costs, increase emissions, and prevent you from reaching new markets. However, trucking will always be a key part of the journey.

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