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Best Ways To Slash International Shipping Costs

When you have to ship internationally on a regular basis, it may become expensive. However, there are techniques you can use that will allow you to lower your international shipping costs.

Time Your Packages 

Carefully plan when you will be shipping your packages. If you ship your packages early, you'll have time to choose the ocean freight option, which is much less expensive. If you must ship your packages more quickly, you'll be forced to ship them by air. 

Find Postage Solutions Online

Many online postage solutions will help you save money on postage and will also help you keep track of your packages. Online postage options are also much more convenient. You won't have to worry about running out of postage, and you won't have to fight long lines at the post office.

Prepare Your Packages Properly

One of the most expensive mishaps is if the package arrives broken. Then, you may need to refund your customer, and you'll be out the package. For that reason, make sure to adequately protect your package. Given that an international package must travel farther, there are more opportunities for something to happen. However, once your merchandise is adequately packaged, make sure to use the smallest box possible. Many shipping services base shipping costs in part on how large your package is. However, you will also want to consolidate your packages as best you can. Don't send multiple packages to one receiver unless you have to.

Make sure that the label is both inside and outside of the package in case the label on the outside of the package is unreadable after the journey. This will reduce the risk that the package will fail to reach its final destination. 

Know the Shipping Costs Ahead of Time

Make sure to know all of the shipping costs charged by a particular supplier. If you discover a supplier that seems inexpensive, keep in mind that there might be additional hidden costs. Ask for a final quote for how much it will cost to ship your package overseas.

Use a 4PL

If you find that the majority of your purchases are from overseas, you may want to consider hiring a 4PL. The 4PL will help you with every stage of the shipment. They help with transportation, warehousing, and fulfillment. With the help of a 4PL, you can always know that you will be shipping internationally at the lowest price. 

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