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Tips When Working With An LTL Freight Shipper

LTL freight shipping enables multiple shippers to have their goods included on one trailer. It's a simpler and more affordable way of shipping small cargo, and it will be worth your time and money if you do a couple of things with the LTL freight shipper you end up working with.

Prioritize On-Time Shipping

Even though you're sending out a small quantity of goods to a recipient using LTL freight shipping, you still want the goods arriving on time. Then the recipient won't have to go through extra steps to receive the cargo.

Find an LTL freight shipper that has their operations dialed in, from the way cargo is packed together to the stops that the truck driver will make along the way to the target destination. It's your job to make sure the LTL freight shipper can offer delivery within your time frame.

Put Some Thought into Cargo Packaging 

Since there will be other goods with your cargo in the semi-trailer being transported by an LTL freight shipper, you need to do everything you can to keep your goods safe during transit. That's going to depend on the type of packaging materials and methods you use.

Your cargo needs to be secured to some type of base, such as putting a stretch wrap around items on pallets. That should be enough to keep your goods from experiencing any collisions. Just make sure your pallets are properly balanced and aren't packed too high because that would probably cause them to topple over and damage the products they're supporting. 

Make Sure Someone is Present to Sign for Cargo

You want to make sure there is someone to sign for the cargo goods that you're having shipped in a semi-trailer with other goods. Then the LTL shipper can quickly unload the cargo and get them in the hands of the correct recipient.

Whereas, if there wasn't anyone to sign for the small cargo, they may have to keep it, and that's going to cost you more money. You may even hurt this relationship because the LTL freight shipper would have to take additional precautions with your cargo.

It's a lot easier to ship small cargo with LTL freight shipping compared to other shipping options. You'll be working with an LTL freight shipper that will be loading other goods in the semi-trailer along with yours. If you plan ahead, you won't be worried about how your cargo will be shipped using LTL shipping methods. 

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