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Jobs Available To CDL Class A Drivers

The highest license in the trucking industry is the Class A CDL license, and thus there are many jobs available to drivers who have these licenses. Here are some of the jobs that may be available to you if you have one of these licenses.

Long-Haul Truck Driver

Long-haul truck drivers cover many miles, as they transport trailers full of cargo across state lines. Also known as over-the-road drivers, they frequently spend multiple nights in a row away from home. 

Working as a long-haul truck driver requires a willingness to constantly be on the road. You can expect to drive hundreds of miles most days, but much of the driving will be on well-maintained interstates.

Pay is one of the biggest incentives for these jobs. Many jobs pay by the mile, which means you can earn a substantial paycheck when traffic is clear and the weather is good. A per-day allowance for food and fuel is also usually offered.

Hazmat Driver

Drivers that deliver hazardous materials frequently need additional endorsements that are added to a commercial driving license. If you want to pursue these endorsements and the corresponding jobs, a Class A CDL is best because it allows you to drive any size truck. Many companies that transport these materials only have large trucks.

Jobs for hazmat drivers vary from local and regional deliveries to cross-country transports. All of these jobs typically pay more than standard truck driving jobs, however, because moving hazardous materials comes with extra responsibility.

Last-Mile Delivery Driver

While a Class A CDL driver is qualified to drive tractor-trailers, they aren't obligated to take jobs driving the largest rigs. Jobs that involve driving smaller trucks are also available, including last-mile delivery jobs where small box trucks are taken on local routes.

You may not earn as much working as a last-mile delivery driver as you would if driving across states. Local delivery jobs normally mean you're home each night, though, and you might even find a part-time job that fits well with your schedule.

CDL Class Instructor

With a CDL Class A license, you're qualified to teach aspiring drivers who don't yet have their licenses. Most truck driving schools want their instructors to have CDL A licenses, as these drivers know how to drive all sizes of trucks. Teaching provides a different type of job opportunity. You can earn a salary while working indoors during set hours.

To learn more about Class A CDL driving jobs, contact a company like Downey Trucking Inc. near you.

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