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Four Things You Should Know About Truck Driving School To Get A CDL License

Getting a Class A commercial license will give you the ability to drive semi-trucks. This type of truck pulls trailers, moving goods throughout cities and across the country. To get your license, most states require you to attend truck driving school. The following are a few things you should understand before you choose a school. You need to make sure the school hours fit your schedule Some schools will offer only full-time instruction, while others may offer part-time instruction on the weekends. Read More 

Shipping Your Company’s Freight

Shipping cargo is an important part of running your company's operations. While there are freight companies that will allow individuals to easily meet this need, there are many basic facts about using these services that individuals may not fully appreciate. Be Aware Of The Options Provided by Less-Than-Truckload Freight Services There are many enterprises that will need to ship relatively small amounts of freight. These businesses may not require a full truckload to be able to send these items. Read More 

Jobs Available To CDL Class A Drivers

The highest license in the trucking industry is the Class A CDL license, and thus there are many jobs available to drivers who have these licenses. Here are some of the jobs that may be available to you if you have one of these licenses. Long-Haul Truck Driver Long-haul truck drivers cover many miles, as they transport trailers full of cargo across state lines. Also known as over-the-road drivers, they frequently spend multiple nights in a row away from home. Read More 

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taking the guesswork out of shipping online sales

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